CRAVE Outreach+

Promote & Amplify

Generate interests and reach out to new customers in most creative ways.

CRAVE Outreach+

Promote & Amplify

Generate interests and reach out to new customers in most creative ways.


Effortlessly launch powerful marketing campaigns.

Marketing is a continuous effort to reach new customers and build their brand. That's why at Crave, we created Outreach+ - a flexible and customizable solution designed to help businesses effortlessly launch powerful digital marketing campaigns such as:

  • Trial / sampling redemptions with interactive online form
  • Skin analysis tools
  • Contest Games (Spin a wheel, Jackpot, Questionaires, Treasure hunts etc)
  • Customizable Games
  • Share mechanics
  • Voting system
  • QR code integration
  • Or more - just tell us your idea!

With fully customizable templates, advanced analytics, and a wide range of features, our Outreach+ solution offers businesses an efficient and effective way to create engaging and interactive digital marketing campaigns. By harnessing the power of technology, businesses can achieve their marketing objectives and increase sales and awareness, all while providing a personalized and unique experience for their customers.

Works Highlights

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Hada Labo Virtual Showroom & AR Booth

Create a virtual showroom for your visitors to experience and link it with e-Commerce for direct purchase and various functionalities.
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Marvel x Maybank

Create continuous campaigns that cross promote your product.
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Total Oil

Web based games to promote your brand.
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Sampling Redemptions Campaign

Drive online to offline.


Fully Customizable Solutions

Fully Customizable

You have the flexibility to adjust and tweak each solution to match your business' unique needs.

Built in Automations Solutions

Built-in Automations

Save time and streamline your operations through automation. You can easily automate mundane tasks and free up your time.

360 Managmeent by CRAVE

360° Management

Our comprehensive approach in managing all aspects of your digital presence - from design, development, content creation, and maintenance - to ensure your online platform is always up-to-date and fully optimized for success.

Ready to use templates to save money and time

Save Time & Money

Ready-to-use templates to help you save time and launch your online store or marketing campaigns quickly.

Future proof

Future Proof

3rd Party Integrations Ready

3rd Party Integrations Ready

Secure and reliable solutions by Crave

Secure & Reliable

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Trusted by Global Brands